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FF6: Age of The Returners

Posted: 2nd December 2019 07:57
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This is a standalone sequel to FF6 which I am planning. It takes place 100 hundred years after Kefka's downfall. The followers of Kefka now live in tents in a wasteland near what used to be Vector and its ruins. The Kefkites live in complete poverty waiting the return of their god; Kefka, holding on to the belief that one day he will return and restore them. The story follows Augustus and his son Ceaser who set out on a journey to infiltrate the Magitek Facility which they believe holds the secret to reviving magic and their subsequent redemption.

The Returners now dominate Gaia, who has grown corrupt through overindulgence and hubris, stand opposed to Augustus and his aims. Their ability to dominate Gaia has only expanded as their growth in technology has expanded by leap and bounds through the discovery of minerals in Narshe. The revival of magic threatens their way of life and also their very existence as the memory of the destruction of the world is still fresh in their mind. One thing is certain, as Augustus departs his austere camp the world of Gaia will never be the same when the world of balance once again is shaken.

Game features:
An all new cast of character plus old characters also return.
Join the hunt for Espers.
Gameplay is based on scavenging and conserving as much as possible.
Travel to the moon.

This game is being developed on Rpg Maker MV. Im really unhappy with the default character sprite animations of Rpg Maker MV. I was hoping that a special few, who wish to develop games in the future, could help me with character animations sprites. Also, if some special would like to help me with level design and battle system please email me.

If anyone would like to see me play a demo of the game please watch this video
If anyone would like to download the demo you download it here.
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Posted: 6th May 2020 23:53

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Thanks for sharing. Interesting choice of perspective -- basically, villain descendant protagonist.

A few proofreading remarks from the beginning:
* FWIW the name is normally spelled "Caesar" (or Csar if you prefer to look fancy).
* "Augustus Wife" should probably get her own name.
* "Augustus(Quiet Pondering)" should perhaps have the descriptive bit separated by a space and uncapitalized.
* "I'm going woman" and "Bye mother" and "The blood of Cid, the great engineer flows through me" probably need an extra comma each.
* "I will find what I'm looking for; the redemption of our people." should probably have a colon instead of a semicolon.
* You've got a "Kefikites" somewhere.

I also see that sometimes you have one space between sentences and sometimes two. I personally prefer two, but consistency is best either way.

I also noticed the music isn't looping. I've heard that RPG Maker supports loopable OGG files -- that is, OGG files with appropriate LOOP metadata tags (LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH indicating sample numbers, I think) -- that will let the music play indefinitely without restarting from the intro. You may want to look into whether the RPG Maker you're using supports this feature.

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