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Charm problems in the CT guides

Posted: 1st November 2012 20:36
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I hate to start a whole new topic for this, but apparently new members can't PM (or something - I'm "not allowed to use the messenger feature on this board"). If there's something else I should be using to report errors and the like: I didn't find it; sorry.

Overall the game guide is very good - provides a lot of depth that is lacking for so many older games in many walkthroughs. But there seems to be some issues with the Charm ability listings. Boss infoboxes have an entry for each segment (like the Dragon Tank's head, body and wheel); Charm information is erroneously the same for all components (it's only the top entry that's right. Zeal's final form in the Black Omen, for instance, has a MegaElixir charmable from the head, but the left hand has a Prism Helm and the right hand has a Prism Dress. Hardly a revelation, but if you're going to provide charm information for bosses in the walkthrough, it really should be the correct item. A player just using the walkthrough could decide "I've already farmed more MegaElixirs than I'll ever use from the Giant's Claw - why would I need more" and fail to obtain extra copies of some of the best equipment in the game.

Related to that, the Character Optimization guide includes a discussion of armors, including Zeal's charmable prism equipment, but says the dress comes from the head rather than the right hand (which would really be nice - those hands have brutal counterattacks).
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