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Khachaturian's Sabre Dance

Not only is the piece the music the Dancer dances to, it's also kind of symbolic of the chaos I've endured in my life. Large mixed families are really hard for hypersensitive fellows like me to deal with, especially if they happen to be so foolishly sentimental.

I think it's Public Domain or Nobuo-Sensei wouldn't have used it. What else have you heard this piece in?

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You know, it's been years since I interacted with a dancer in FF4, but I had lost all recollection of that being the song that plays. Possibly because it's so ubiquitous as a kind of carnival/circus theme, I guess. Is there not also a dancer that dances to Dancing Calcobrina, though, as well?

I'm not sure how public domain would work in the case of something like this, but it doesn't seem like it would be old enough. They might have had to retroactively license it behind the scenes at some point, heh.

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It may have been score-copyrighted but not performance-copyrighted as that's the tradition with classical music.

(And I think it ought to stay that way but that's a topic for another time.)

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