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Yoshida on next Final Fantasy

Posted: 6th February 2019 21:22

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Naoki Yoshida wants next Final Fantasy to be more fantasy, no mecha

Short article (the title pretty much says it all) but I thought I'd share since it will probably make some folks around here happy.

Personally, I loved the blend of real world and fantasy in FFXV, but I have no qualms about a pure fantasy Final Fantasy! I just hope the next game is already in the works.
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Posted: 7th February 2019 13:04

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Ha ha, I had this same post in my saved folder so I could read it and post it too when I got the chance. Having read it now, that seems like a bit of a thin statement, and if you read it really strictly, it would have ruled out Final Fantasy I, VI, and VII (to say nothing of games we don't cover around here). biggrin.gif

But really, though, I think it would be a nice idea to back off of the hyper-tech environments of XIII and XV, and I say that as someone who really, really likes both of those games/series.

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Posted: 12th February 2019 16:07
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I loved all the Final Fantasy, I can not wait to see what the next one looks like.


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Posted: 18th February 2019 19:16

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This does make me happy. I also hope they don't put their resources into too many things like they did with FFXV. Just one game, without all the spinoffs and side stuff, would be enough.
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