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Final Fantasy XIII discounts

Posted: 27th June 2018 19:16

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Obviously it's Steam Sale season right now so I was checking discounts on games.

Specifically, looking stuff up on -- where I found that FFXIII has been super-cheap before, on Squenix's site, Newegg, and Gamestop PC.

Anyone know what the occasions were that got it that cheap? I'd pick it up if it got that cheap. Far as I know, they just sell Steam keys anyway, so there's no functional difference.

I still don't think my current computer can run it competently, but at $4.80 I'm willing to just take a shot at it and save it for later if it's not usable now. (Compare regular price $15.99, typical discount price $7.99.)

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Posted: 28th June 2018 06:38

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I can't remember ever having seen the game as low as that, and I do tend to check out at least Squenix' own sales as I usually get emails about them. Could have been a very brief 30th Anniversary deal.

In any event, for the $3 difference it's still worth going for IMO. Given that Steam has never gone as low as $4.80 itself, I wouldn't really expect whatever sale that was to crop up again any time soon?

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Posted: 30th June 2018 01:09

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Oooh, I hope it works GMH! thumbup.gif

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