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Lines of Code?

Posted: 28th December 2017 22:36

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Does anybody happen to have any knowledge of any of the lines of code counts for any of the FF games? Or know anyone who does? I've read SE lost the original source code for FFVII (which is hard to fathom but apparently true). I can understand why a regular hacker wouldn't be able to access the source code from a game, since they'd probably keep that under a tight lock and key. But hey, maybe somebody out there knows something. I'm curious.

As always, thanks in advance for any help. Or even just taking the time to read this flag-blue.gif

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Posted: 30th December 2017 22:54

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This is a fun question. I suspect it would be fairly easy for someone with experience (this is to say, not me!) to reverse engineer the earliest games to work them out. But, for the later games, probably starting at FF7, I suspect that the more compiled nature of the final software would make that harder to come to a conclusion that way.

Once you get to the newest games, I think you'd also have to draw a line between code that SE wrote specifically to power their game versus the number of libraries they licensed in order to make their game work.

tl;dr: who knows? biggrin.gif

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