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FF9 final boss theme and FFL1 basic battle theme?

Posted: 17th November 2017 04:08

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I was listening to some miscellaneous FF series music that I haven't listened to before, and one of them was the FF9 final boss theme.

Around 1:52 into the theme a (synth-brassy?) melody comes in. Comes in again about ten seconds later. Then in another key around ten seconds after that. And then again another ten seconds later.

I was suddenly reminded of the main battle theme from Final Fantasy Legend 1 (for Game Boy, i.e. that SaGa game). Around 11 seconds into it, you have a similar-sounding melody, albeit slower.

Is this intentional or just coincidence?

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Posted: 30th December 2017 01:07

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This doesn't seem coincidental. Uematsu has been interviewed about the FFIX soundtrack, and has said that he took several earlier tracks from the series as inspiration. So, it's perfectly plausible that he did that with the FF Legends soundtrack.

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