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A little easter egg.

Posted: 22nd June 2020 16:36

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This has been stuck in my brain for a while, and I really want to share it with all of you. If you get to Elfheim/Elfland, you may see a few gravestones. They are behind the church. If you walk over to them, you can interact and read what's been carved onto them. One of them says "Here lies Link." If you don't know, Link is that elf-like character that you play in Legends of Zelda. This suggests that Link was an elf adventurer from Elfheim/Elfland who actually died in a Legends of Zelda. If you're the kind of person who likes to make fan theories, I bet you could make one of this. However, I'm not, so you're on your own for that.

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Posted: 22nd June 2020 17:11

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The PSX version, and apparently only that version, changes it to Erdrick, the name/title of legendary heroes in the Dragon Quest series.

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Oh, I thought that the "Erdrick" text was in the NES version? At least the reference would have been more timely back then...

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