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A question about Final Fantasy VI

Posted: 22nd May 2021 07:57
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So after years of not playing it, I decided yesterday to start a new playthrough of FFVI (which is my favourite), and suddenly I wondered, can you max out Terra before the game even starts? I mean in that prologue with Biggs and Wedge, if you just keep getting random battles instead of following the story through, would you, eventually max out Terra?

Not that I have the patience to do so, but I was wondering if it's technically possible and if there's any video anywhere that shows some crazy gamer doing it.
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Posted: 8th July 2021 07:48

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You probably can, but it would take a very long time.

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Posted: 22nd February 2023 07:53

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Probably. We have bots these days. I know no one insane enough to try. I beat it under level 20. That is hard enough already.


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