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Caves of Narshe Forums > 2017 Regalia Playlist Championship > R2: #1 Frog's Theme (CT) v. #8 Fight 2 (FF4)

Posted by: Rangers51 18th November 2017 13:53
I knew Frog's Theme was popular but didn't predict its utter supremacy over Ahead on Our Way in round one. Fight 2, meanwhile, squeaked by Awakening, from Final Fantasy VI, on its way here.

A classic heroic character's theme takes the third #1 seed and the first by Chrono Trigger. Bending, high-pitched notes evoke an Eastern feel backed by a determined marching drumbeat, echoing the nature of the valiant amphibian. This song got the most nomination points of any song that was new to the competition this year.

Fight 2 from Final Fantasy IV is a battle theme with an intense bassline, showing up for most boss battles throughout Cecil's quest. It was a far higher seed last time, and has a tougher road ahead.

Posted by: Rangers51 20th November 2017 16:12
Visit here to view this matchup on the Regalia website or listen to these tracks.

Posted by: TheEvilEye 20th November 2017 17:36
Oh man, this one is very difficult.

Fight 2 takes the edge I suppose, in a clash of epic themes, Fight 2 deserves more praise for really making each battle so amazing.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 20th November 2017 17:38
I hate having to vote in this matchup already.

Edit: As much as I like Frog's theme, my vote goes to Fight 2, which is more harmonically varied and feels more dynamic. Frog's theme exudes a very firm sense of bravery, with that tinge of sadness and tragedy, and is basically the epitome of it. But Fight 2 is filled with twists and turns in its tonality and harmony, which make it less straightforward and more dynamic.

Posted by: Perigryn 21st November 2017 21:25
Even though Fight 2 is the more interesting piece, in many ways, Frog's Theme does a brilliant job of distilling its title character into a piece of music and is a track that has stuck with me over the years. Go Frog!

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