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Posted by: AltheaValara 3rd May 2019 20:38
Anybody planning on watching? I watched a good portion of it last year, and had a blast.

For those not in the know, RPG Limit Break is a gathering of gamers who speed run RPGs, in the process raising money for National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). This is a cause near and dear to my heart, as I've been mentally ill since childhood.

One of the games being run is Final Fantasy II which I am excited to see because I honestly didn't think it was possible to speed run it!

Posted by: JTrigger 7th May 2019 16:30
I enjoy watching speed runs, but usually after the fact.

Posted by: Rangers51 7th May 2019 16:36
I have such a hard time focusing on watching speed runs, and I missed Final Fantasy Tactics already! I might check that out after the fact, as JTrigger mentions. They sure have a fun variety of games on the schedule, though.

Posted by: AltheaValara 7th May 2019 21:17
I got up in the middle of the night to watch the Final Fantasy II run. I missed the first 20 minutes, but saw the rest. It was worth getting up, as I learned some things about the game (like walls you can walk through, and how powerful throwing Teleport scrolls is).

They played the PSP version. If I could, I'd try speedrunning this game myself, but my only working copy is the PS1 version, which is a no-no because you can't save in dungeons, unlike the GBA & PSP versions.

One thing that amazes me about speed runners is how precise they are moving around. I know that comes with a lot of practice, but I wonder if I could ever be that good. There was a good reason for being that precise: apparently the rate of encounters is tied to the current step count. WHO FIGURED THESE THINGS OUT? I'm just blown away by this, because the runner added some extra steps here and there so the step count would be right.

Unfortunately the mobs were not kind to him, and he got a lot of resists on Teleport. So he had to make an unplanned stop to buy more scrolls, which screwed up the step count for the last two dungeons. So he ended up going over his estimated time, but still finished at just around 3 hours - definitely much faster than I've ever played the game!

I'll only watch speedruns of games I've played myself, because I hate spoilers and prefer to experience a game on my own, so I won't be tuning in again until Thursday, when I plan to watch TASbot play Final Fantasy, followed by the Chrono Trigger run.

Posted by: Rangers51 7th May 2019 23:52
Quote (AltheaValara @ 7th May 2019 15:17)
I'll only watch speedruns of games I've played myself, because I hate spoilers and prefer to experience a game on my own, so I won't be tuning in again until Thursday, when I plan to watch TASbot play Final Fantasy, followed by the Chrono Trigger run.

The TASbot one caught my eye too. I might think about that one as well.

Posted by: AltheaValara 10th May 2019 04:03
I tuned in for the TASbot run today! Missed the first 17 minutes, though. That was quite impressive, due to the party they ran:

Possible spoilers: highlight to view
It was a party of white mages, with three of them dead!

I can appreciate how much work went into building the run. One of the commentators called it art, and I don't think he was wrong.

I also caught part of the Chrono Trigger run, but turned it off because I had things I needed to do, plus I had watched Chrono Trigger being run last year. All I can say is: HOLY GLITCHES, BATMAN! I understand the whole point of a speed run is to go fast, but when you glitch the game so you skip a boss fight... I don't know, it takes some of the fun out of it for me.

Posted by: AltheaValara 12th May 2019 00:51
Yesterday I tuned in for the FFIV Free Enterprise run. This was a race between four speed runners each starting with the same seed. This was my first time seeing the Free Enterprise mod, and man is it wild. There were spectators in the room who cheered loudly at points, and I didn't always understand why they were clapping. I guess I need to get more familiar with this mod! Too bad I have no way of playing it myself, at least not currently.

The end result of the race:
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
three of the runners finished within minutes of each other, with the fourth far behind. I didn't stay to watch the last runner as I had things to do.

Today I watched Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. I don't think I've ever beaten the FM optional bosses, so that was good to see. I was amazed at how fast things were dying, even knowing that the runner was playing on Beginner mode. Because, let's face it, I absolutely suck at jumping and attacking which is a big strategy in this game (*coughs*Trickmaster*coughs*). I am now in the mood to play more Kingdom Hearts, and might start that no-level challenge of KH3 that intrigued me so much.

And that's it for this year for me! The rest of the runs are games I haven't played. I might watch the Chrono Trigger and FFX runs later, because I enjoy those games.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 18th May 2019 02:08
I've been unaware of this event but I have in recent days been poking at TASBot's playthrough of Final Fantasy I, incidentally.

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