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Posted by: TrueBOSS 13th February 2017 19:09
I didn't know this existed and I'm guessing a bunch of you didn't either.
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals
It's suppose to be a four part OVA sequel to V that occurs 200 years after the game. And yeah, it's bad. Probably why know one knows about it. Still, I figured this would be worth sharing.

Posted by: Rangers51 13th February 2017 19:59
I first saw it in a video rental store pretty soon after it came out - probably '98? I never got around to renting it because I wasn't (and remain not) into anime regardless of the tie-in IP.

I think the most hilarious part of it is that the anime was available here in the US before Final Fantasy V was.

Posted by: Spooniest 14th February 2017 18:47
It does, in fact, have panty shots of an underage girl, lots of them.

If you can overlook that (I have trouble myself, that's kind of irksome in the extreme), then by all means, it is certainly a Final Fantasy story like any other.

It has good character design, pretty good dialogue, and music from FFV all over it.

Lenna is in it (she is somehow immortal or perhaps a descendant of the first one, it is not made specific). So is Mid.

Posted by: No-Name 15th February 2017 06:12
I remember really loving this Animation when I first saw it. The character designs and art style were really cool, and the soundtrack absolutely amazing. I recommend watching it if you're a fan of final fantasy.

Posted by: Spooniest 15th February 2017 14:49
There are blue mages, Linaly is a Summoner, there are airships with names, sky pirates (!) in fact.

Balthier may be the Sky Pirate hero du jour, but before there was Balthier, there was


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