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!Drink is needed to defeat NeoShynriu

Posted: 17th May 2014 23:45
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I think the Djibriel's C.O.W.E.R strategy to defeat NeoShynriu is very good (I've used this strat adapted with other bosses and rules).

But I think you need !Drink if you want to x2 your Healing Points because Goliath Tonic uses !Drink, not !Mix.

Maybe (I will prove it later) you can solve this problem giving !Drink to one freelancer/mime and then make the other characters mimes and !Mime the drinking (if you don't do it this way !Drink will cost you a prohibitive slot for every one character).

The downside is than your mimes can't use (Apollo's) Harps and Ribbons. But I think is not a big downside.

Am I right? If I am right is using Mimes a big problem?

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Posted: 18th May 2014 01:17

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You can make a Goliath Tonic with !Mix: Dragon Fangs + Elixer

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Posted: 18th May 2014 08:40

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I would much rather use !Mix Than !Drink. Teh rest of the drink items suck, where as i really like a lot of the Mixes you can create, such as X-potion and Remedy, and even MegaLixir!

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Posted: 26th June 2014 12:16

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You'll want the versatility of !Mix over just !Drink. It's a bummer you have to duplicate a 110 Gil consumable by using a Dragon Fang and Elixir, I understand, but if you're fighting Neo Shinryu you'd best be willing to sacrifice.

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