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Romhack that cuts out the regular battle theme?

Posted: 14th February 2018 08:04

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Is there a romhack of Chrono Trigger that either reduces or eliminates the use of the regular battle theme?

Basically, there's a lot of times when keeping the area theme would serve atmosphere a lot better than interrupting it with the regular battle theme.

I know i90east's FFVI Hardtype hack did a thing where the battle theme only plays when you're facing an encounter of five or more enemies. Otherwise, the music that's already playing continues to play, without interruption.

Is there a hack of Chrono Trigger that does something similar?

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Posted: 14th February 2018 14:44

Black Waltz
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Chrono Trigger Romhacks

From what I can tell, there aren't any that alter the music in the way you mention...yet.

It probably wouldn't be terribly difficult, unless each encounter in the game has its own call code for background music, which, given that this is a SNES game from the mid 90s, I find highly unlikely as it would waste a lot of space and time in production.

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