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Uhh...Am i broken?

Posted: 31st May 2015 09:50

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So when I'm logged into my account I cant open up the forums without the site crashing. The only way I can look at the forums for some reason is when I logg off. It's not my computer, everything else is fine. Why is it when I'm logged in I can't view the forums? This might be just my laptop, but if anyone happens to be a technology expert, help! Has someone broken HolyCeles?

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Posted: 31st May 2015 15:49

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What kind of laptop do you have? I've never tried accessing CoN from my laptop, but if we have the same model I can try? I don't know anything about technology, but it seems simple enough to me...


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Posted: 2nd June 2015 00:03

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I've never heard of anything like that from anyone else, but obviously your account can't be the culprit since you were able to log in from, presumably, some other device to post this.

I'm not really sure what you mean by the "site" crashing - do you mean that your browser crashes when trying to view the forums? What happens if you try from another browser on the same laptop?

Like I say, I've never heard anything like this, at least not that I can remember. I have a couple ideas, but nothing I'd try to nail down based on what I know right now. The usual questions beyond what I already asked are "what operating system?" "what browser?" "can you take a screenshot of what you see?" etc.

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