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When Two Become One: A FinalFantasy7 Fanfic

Posted: 26th November 2011 06:28

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I'm new to the CoN website, but not that new when it comes to writing. I've been writing since I could pick up a penciI and write the alphabet!

Told in third-person, this fanfic revolves around a timid girl named Ariah, the first female SOLDIER.
originally working for AVALANCHE, her skills were henceforth noticed by Shinra during a mission gone astray. set slightly in the past when Zack was still alive, and Cloud was a grunt for Shinra. Suprises wait around constant corners for her...

not all will be dramatic, short scenes of comical entries will pop up every now and then, im not sure how long this will be, but im guessing around...a little over 20 chapters.
--this fanfic contains, violence, suggestive themes, and a hint of 'not too clean but not too far out' language--

--chapter 1----

"Alright fools! listen up!" a large buff man spoke.
"Were goin' to take down that Shinra scum piece by piece! we'll hafta start small and work out way up to the old man pres!"
the small group nodded in agreeance, not wanting to upset the groups leader, Barret.
A fight with someone as big as him, and there were bound to be some broken bones.
a shy girl timidly raised her hand from the corner which she was sulking in.
"What Ariah?" Barret asked, slightly impatient at the girls constant questions.
"w-what exactly is the plan again?" she nervously choked out, almost as a whisper.
"Awright, listen up! Jessie here rigged us up a bomb to implode the Shinra base!"
"but, didn't you say we were going to start small?" she squeaked.
"pull your head outta the clouds and pay attention! for AVALANCHE, this IS small! got that?" he asked slightly raising up a fist.
Ariah cringed.
"Barret, i dont think this is a good time for threatening our newest recrute." Jessie implied.
"fine, i won't go pickin' fights then..." Barret mumbled.
"so, how powerful is that thing anyhow?" he asked.
Jessie giggled slyly.
"if i wanted to, i could bring down every Mako Reactor one-by-one with THIS baby!" she smiled.
"awright! everyone ready to storm that place?"
the small group, even the timid Ariah, stood up straight.
"lets do this! he called racing out the door." the small group followed.
"hey! don't do too much damage alright?" a voice called.
Ariah stopped running and turned around.
a woman with long, dark brown hair was leaning againts the Seventh Heaven's porch railings.
"don't worry Tifa! i'll keep everyone in line!" Ariah smiled. then she took off to join the group.
Tifa waved goodbye to her and wished her luck.


the group of five arrived at the train station.
"try not too look to suspicious alright?" Wedge asked the group.

"you've got nothing to worry about Wedge, stop fretting like a child during a thunderstorm." Biggs said sternly, gazing at the somewhat stout man.

they got on the train and found seats in the last cable car. the train churned slowly, lurching forward at a snails pace, until it finally caught up speed and roared it's way down the tracks.
Ariah gazed out the window, watching the scenery fly past her eyes and on occation, staring at her reflection on the glass windows. they were becoming foggy, due to her heavy breathing.
she turned around and slumped back in her seat, growing fidgety and trying to keep her mind off one thing--motion sickness--it happens to some unlucky people. her stomach tightened and churned. she though she was going to blow chunks.
"do us all a favor, and hold down that disgusting substance in your throat." Barret grumbled, looking over at her pale flesh.
she felt the lump rising in her throat, but quickly gulped it down with air. she had to do somthing to shake this nausia off. she stood up and walked over to the other members of AVALANCHE to try and stimulate a small conversation.

"whats up with you?" Biggs asked. Ariah tried to open her mouth to speak, but felt that sickly lump arise in her throat once again. she quickly shut her mouth and clutched her woozy stomach.
"motion sickness?" Jessie asked soothingly. Ariah nodded and leaned back against the narrow walls of the train. such a neverending bumpy ride. she almost lost it twice, but managed to somehow keep it down.

"were almost there, don't worry. think you can hold out?" she asked gazing at Ariah's sickly blue eyes. she shook her head no and sunk to the floor, making revolting gagging sounds.
"gross..." Wedge mumbled slinking away. Jessie glared silent daggars at him with her hard eyes.
"i can't hold it down!" Aria muttered sickly.
she threw her hands over her mouth to catch the putrid, thick acid erupting from the pit of her stomach. a sick warmth spilled over her hands and down into her lap.
"OH GROSS!!" Wedge cried, jumping back as if disease was staring him right in the face. the color, so sickning. a light copper, infused with splashes of a disturbing yellow-green.
and that's when the train jolted to a sudden stop, we were here.
Ariah dashed off the train as that sick substance followed behind her, leaving a thin trail. Ariah heard Barret slightly shreik in disgust at her putrid trail.

"SON OF A----I FREAKIN STEPPED IN IT!!" he cried shaking it off the bottom of his shoe. "DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO HOLD IT DOWN??" he screamed at her. "i'm sorry! i'm sorry!!" she sobbed.
" Barret! be easy on her! you don't know what motion sickness is like!" Jessie argued, coming to her rescue.
"whatever, let's just get this over with! you got the bomb Jess?"
her eyes widened in shock and she gulped hard.

"i left it in the train..."she uttered.
the group whisked around, but the train at already departed.
"to make things worse...i was tampering with it, and i accedentally activated the emergancy explosion sequence!"
and after that last sentence, a faint boom was heard in the nearby distance, the rush of the implosion came at them, blowing around there loose fitting clothing and messing up there once neat hair. a yellow-orange ball arose in the distance.
"son of a gun." Wedge muttered.

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