Schala's Theme (The good and the bad)

Posted: 12th May 2016 00:15

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Chrono trigger has some pretty damn good music (It and Donkey Kong Country 2 usually compete for the top 3 spots in best snes music top 10 lists). But this theme was my favorite tune on the whole game and a very cherished one to a lot of fans.
Hell i even used to play this: Chrono Resurrection Schala's theme extended
to help me sleep at night (Damn it's so beautiful)

Then one night I was drinking with some girls and I heard this: Never Been - Wiz Khalifa WARNING! This may very well be profane or insulting to you. You've been warned.
At first i was tickled at how extensive this songs love was but then I heard the lyrics and couldn't help but feel this song was just outright insulting in consideration to how sacred this song is to most chrono trigger fans. (The flame wars between CT fans and WK fans in the comments are crazy) Either way. What do you guys think on it?

I did quickly get over it and forgot about it until i got into this rave remix of Video Game music kick im currently into when it again. It made me want to see if their where any good remix's of the song and I found this:OC ReMix #2098: Chrono Trigger 'Third Eye' [Schala's Theme]
Damn did it make me love this theme again! This song is on my rave playlist at all times now.

Anyways. As you can see. This theme lead me to a couple stories in my life. How about you guys? Any good stories? Also (since i saw no talked about it on here) how did you guys feel about Wiz's song?
How about the rave remix?
Got any favorite remix's you guys like?
Sorry for the 20 questions. I just enjoy talking with you guys. flag-blue.gif

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Wow never knew Wiz Khalifa was a gamer. The song he did isn't great but I can respect it. 2 Mello (guy who did Chrono Jigga) put Schala's Theme to Jay-Z's "Girls" which can be listened to here. It's a similar format as the Khalifa song, including being offensive. However, the tempo of Schala's theme is sped up.

I played CT 5 years ago, so I don't really remember anything. I liked it alright, but the replay value wasn't there for me since the characters didn't grab my attention. The music is pretty good though.

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