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Final Fantasy II (SNES) Game Genie Codes

Posted: 20th April 2016 22:44

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I don't believe these are unfindable elsewhere on the net, but I was going through a box of stuff the other day and found a SNES Game Genie booklet, so here's what it says:


Help Cecil and his main men on their quest in this loooonnnng and involved role-playing game. The challenge level is high. The bosses especially beat the daylights out of you, so try FINAL Code 1 for infinite energy. Keep in mind that this code, as well as Code 4, can also make some monsters invincible, so you have to switch off effects to be able to beat them. For Codes 2 and 3, what the game says at the end of a fight. You will get the correct amounts.

1 - 82A3-6F63 = Almost infinite hit points-can make big monsters (and sometimes normal monsters) invincible -switch off to defeat them

2 - 1B93-070E + B139-076E + 3C39-07AE = Get 150 gold pieces after each battle
3 - 1B39-070E + BE39-076E + 3C39-07AE = Get 255 gold pieces after each battle

4 - 8267-0D62 = Magic power doesn't go down

5 - C2AD-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9 = Money doesn't decrease in shops
6 - C262-DF03 + C262-D763 = Money doesn't decrease if you run away from a battle

Remember, you can pick 'n mix your codes! You can enter up to FIVE codes at a time (but some effects require more than one code).

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Posted: 23rd May 2016 20:51

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I could have sworn that we used to have a huge list of GG codes in the FF4 section, like back in the CoN4 days. My research now implies that is not the case, and that makes me kinda sad.

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