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Final Fantasy IV FAQ: Suggest Questions

Posted: 29th May 2007 05:46
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This is supposed to be for suggesting new questions for the FAQ. Hilarious "haha not gonna help you" answers are completely unproductive. So are "well, you just said this was hard, but I don't think it is" remarks.

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Posted: 31st July 2007 21:47

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Who can use Meteor?
Meteor is the strongest Dark Magic and can be used by FuSoYa and Rhydia.Tellah only uses it when he fights Golbez in the Tower of no matter how you level him up,he'll always have 90 MP while Meteor needs 99.
Can I use Soma Drop on Tellah to give him 100 MP and making him able to cast it?
There is virtually no way to get Soma Drops before the Tower of Babil,so I don't really know...

These are plot faqs...I don't think they're worth being put in faqs...
I and Rhydia kicked Golbez's butts in the Dwarven Crystal Room,how did he steal it?
Probably after he was defeated by Tellah in the Tower of Babil he decided to send an hologram,a clone or such thing to gatecrash the party after the heroes defeated Calcos and Brinas...that would explain why his gloves actually moved by themselves and got the crystal.
Argh!All of my friends have died in the shipwreck,petrified or blasted to pieces!
Allright,here's where you can find them again...
Yang-after the shipwreck you find him in Baron's Inn.After a fight he'll regain his memory,hand you over the key and follow you in the castle.
After he stops the cannons he has been rescued by the Sylphs(What a lucky guy...)and you must awaken him again with the Pan his wife will give you...
Rhydia-When you fight Golbez in the Dwarven Crystal room she'll come to aid you in a last ditch.She will explain about her appearance after the battle.She'll have no more White Magic but she'll have much better Black and Summons.
Cid-After he blew up the passage to the underworld he was picked up by the Dwarfs.You'll find him after you defeat Rubicante in Babil's tower.
Palom and Porom-They'll be saved by the Elder just before the battle against the Giant of Babil.
Kain-How many times did he betray you?He will finally choose his side after the meeting between Golbez and FuSoYa.
Tellah-Nope.He definitely dies.Heroically but he dies.
Edward-After the shipwreck you'll find him in the west wing of Troia's palace.He'll hand over you the Twin Harp and will help you defeat the Dark Elf,but he won't be able to fight until you defeat the Giant.
Rosa-She'll be yours once again once you've completed Zot's Tower.

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Posted: 3rd August 2008 22:39

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Needs to be updated for IVDS

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Posted: 13th August 2008 18:22

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Posted: 17th February 2009 23:54
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How do i contribute to improve the WalkThrough? its missing a few chests, tips, the fact that you don´t have to run for multipliying weapons...
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