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Hardtype or Easy

Hardtype or Easy
Hard-Type [ 29 ]  [82.86%]
Easy [ 6 ]  [17.14%]
Total Votes: 35
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Posted: 13th April 2014 14:31

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Don't quote me on this because I'm not real familiar with the DS version (never ever played it), but from what I understand it's not so much based on HardType as that it's really just on a different system. I believe the level progression and stats are different amongst other things so it's quite the remake. That being said, I've heard it's really tough... like tougher than the original HardType, but I can't say from experience.

I say HardType is better for the simple fact I don't appreciate it when they dumb the FF games down for the American audience. It's frustrating, to say the least.
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