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Suggested addition to FF6 walkthrough

Posted: 24th October 2021 03:31
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Playing through FF6 on SNES for the first time in too long and have been using your walkthroughs to make sure I don't miss anything (thanks for the excellent site!)

For the page 1.16 - Scenario: Locke: South Figaro and its Secret, there is an additional treasure room in the rich house's basement that doesn't get mentioned.

After entering drafty passage into the basement that holds Celes, after being prompted for the change-of-clothes, if you walk straight across from that initial hallway (not yet turning towards the room holding Celes) you can pass into the black of the wall. Once in that opening, heading to the right there is an unseen staircase that will take you down into a prison (Basement 2) with two cells, each with a chest -- one of which contains a pair of RunningShoes, the other might have been a HyperWrist.

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Posted: 1st November 2021 13:37
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Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
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