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Posted: 21st June 2022 20:59

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I came back to tell people something we already know about. This is more of a warning to those who do not want to obsess with FFVI.

The Espers Zoneseek and Tritoch give Magic Power plus 2 at level up. If you keep Terra at level 3 and start from there you get 2 x 96. Its sum is 192 plus her base. Unfortunately the programmer capped it before that. Even if you have over 200 Magic Power there is no enemies on the unmodified game that could wistand it. If you are a game designer you might avoid doing that anyway. The same is true for other stats. The only other one I would raise is speed. The other two are not important. The game is beatable with overleveling and any equipment. I have done under level 20 on my YouTube channel. Cure spells are your friend and you must play tight. There is a tower in the game that lets you get Magic points and no experience. Yes, this is for new players. They do not need to feel discouraged about anything.


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