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Who do you Neglect?

Who do you Neglect?
Fighter [ 1 ]  [3.45%]
Thief [ 8 ]  [27.59%]
White Mage [ 1 ]  [3.45%]
Black Mage [ 2 ]  [6.90%]
Red Mage [ 2 ]  [6.90%]
Black Belt [ 7 ]  [24.14%]
Nobody [ 8 ]  [27.59%]
Total Votes: 29
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Posted: 5th October 2013 01:15

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Quote (Spooniest @ 4th October 2013 21:00)
"No moogles were harmed in the making of this fangame"


There aren't any Moogles in FF1. Yes, you were making a joke. That's how it reads, anyway!

Anyway, I don't think I've ever been in the habit of actually neglecting anyone. I suppose I am a little slower to revive black or red mages than other party members, but FF1 was always a game in which I never felt the need to grind to get my party members whatever they needed. The punishing encounter rate usually took care of that for me.

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Posted: 7th October 2013 16:43

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I'm playing FF1 every time i have nothing to do and i have 2 profiles
1 Monk
1 Warrior
1 WM
1 BM

Then 2nd party
3 Warriors
1 White Mage

I'm usually a hard hitting type of guy but i can fairly use magic well i hate the their the most because its total crap that you can not steal with a thief until a about level 15 to 20 and then you get crappy items.

So Zetta Slow!
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Posted: 7th January 2014 00:27

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I usually have everyone alive, well and kicking butt... Unless something goes badly wrong and I have no revivification items, magic or churches nearby... If I had to neglect someone thought it, would most likely be the Black Belt or Thief...
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Posted: 6th March 2014 12:26

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Thief, because he's terrible. Ninja's are pretty good, really a poor man's Knight that can cast FAST but he can wear decent armor and his attack is viable in the ToFR, unlike the Red Mage.
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