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What games are you playing at the moment?

Posted: 12th January 2019 10:36

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I've been playing the latest God of War, it's very good, definitely worth a play. Also recently played Astro bot VR. What a fantastic game, they really nailed the fun factor, it's a very cool experience. Next up are Spiderman and the Resident Evil 2 Remake. And eventually Kingdom Hearts 3.

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Posted: 12th January 2019 16:56

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I bought myself a Switch as an early Christmas present, so I've been playing Legend of Zelda: BotW for about a month now. It's really good but also really frustrating. Sometimes it feels like it's another full time job (with all the cooking and elixir making and tower-climbing, etc). I do like the story and the open-worldness, but that was a challenge too at first because I would go to places that I really wasn't ready for yet and get frustrated because there are very limited ways to get more hearts. Now I mostly play it with my iPad beside me to look up Shrine walkthroughs and such. smile.gif

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Posted: 13th January 2019 01:09

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Finished Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories yesterday, and watched the 358/2 Days movie. Now I'm in the Olympus Colosseum in KH2. I'm enjoying the game, but all this gaming is starting to feel like a chore a bit.

I have never played Birth By Sleep, Coded, or Dream Drop Distance and would like to play them before I play Kingdom Hearts 3. There's no way I'll finish all the games before KH3 drops, so now I'm considering taking a Twitter hiatus starting the 29th. I'm a spoiler-phobe for games and really don't want to be spoiled. But dammit, I like my habit of reading Twitter! So I don't know what I'm going to do, si gh.
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