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Getting the Crown.

Posted: 21st February 2017 04:26

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I wish I could center images, change the alignment of my posts to be centered or left or right justified or whatever...sorry for the instant tangent...

What do you remember about the first time you obtained the Crown of the Prince of Elfland in the Marsh Cave? It's kind of the point in the game where FF1 acknowledges that you have learned the basics of Final

So, how about it?

...I think that the first time I did it, I was actually playing my older sister's file, which, since FF1 had only one save slot, was the only file on the thing. Therefore, I would play up to a certain point without saving, and shut it off. I do not recall that she was ever pleased to know that I had done so, even though it did not impact her file in any way when I did it, and it in fact was a NES cartridge that I owned.

So you might say the first time I got the Crown was just practice.

But how about you guys?

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Posted: 21st February 2017 14:51

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The Marsh Cave was a silly difficulty spike in that game, at least the original. Though like everyone else I eventually did it, I remember far more the frustration of trying to do it that first time than actually doing it.

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Posted: 27th April 2017 22:41

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The crown? OMG that was a a night mare the first time i tried it. died many times. on my second play through it went much smoother.

when i finally got the crown I was all like " Hell yeah!" then i GTFO of that accursed cave.

My big problem was i was over cautious with my spells back on the NES version given how they were set up on it. I paid the price for it and eventually loosened up a little.

Then I entered the ice cave but that another thread lol.

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