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Posted: 4th March 2007 16:36
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WOW.....This guy is impossible to beat! and i thought Kaiser was HARD!!! anyone have any tips or strats against this guy??

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Posted: 4th March 2007 20:54

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I just used the same strategies I used with Kaiser Dragon. Cast Buffs as necessary (reapplying Reraise every time someone dies to be safe), and making Locke my main damage dealer with Genji Glove/Master's Scroll and Lightbringer/Ultima Weapon and Valiant Knife. It didn't take too long with a party in the level 50s. Relm and Terra were on the support with buffs and Curaga, and Relm hurled in a couple Ultimas whenever she had the chance. Mog Jumped on Omega's head a few times when he wasn't also playing support. It was a pretty fun battle.

The thing is, he's really scary with the Heartless Angel/Forsaken spam (and even Ultima, if I remember correctly), so I just played very defensively.

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