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Posted by: DragonKnight Zero 22nd July 2019 02:24
From playing around with the Beyond Chaos randomizer, still learned some new things about the vanilla game.

The shadow on Mt. Koltz the first time through? It's Sabin's sprite. The blackness conceals its identity normally but Beyond Chaos peels away the illusion.

"Choose a scenario, kupo" Mog shares a character slot with Umaro. Anything equipped on it will also be de-equipped at the start of the WoR. Every slot is empty in an unmodded game but if given items through hacking (or the randomizer stuffing random items in its equipment slots) they will be available to the player at the start of world of run.

Tintinabar does not restore HP on diagonal stairways. Never knew that before since who uses Tintinabar in FF6 but when there's no longer a guaranteed source of Cure magic for who knows how long, I find myself using it to scrap for every bit of HP I can to extend the life of my healing items. And sure enough, find this inconsistency.

Auto-seizure and auto-regen cancel each other out. So you can stop the bleeding form the Thornlet at the cost of a relic slot.

Posted by: Rangers51 24th July 2019 16:14
Those are pretty neat. I had picked up on the Mt. Koltz sprite on maybe my second or third playthrough, but other than that I had no idea about any of that.

Posted by: DragonKnight Zero 9th August 2019 04:42
Got a few more. Will edit in any more trivia as I discover or remember it.

While ATB bars continue charging while actions play out, the game will not process any commands entered until after the battle animation completes. I had the character in slot 1 (top slot) use something whit a long attack animation. While it was executing, I commanded characters 3,2, and 4 to cast a spell, in that order. When they acted, character 4, 3, and 2 went in this order instead. Appears the game prioritizes the bottom slot up when multiple characters enter the queue at once. (This is the same order you get to enter commands in a preempative or side attack)

If a Relic Ring character has a death sentence run down to zero, the game seems to refuse to give them death sentence status for the rest of the battle after the first such ressurection.

It appears that physical attacks that do 0 damage (because of back row and 255 Def.) can not trigger Black Belt counter attacks.

While imperial camp and sealed gate Kefka being treated as a character by the battle engine isn't something I learned from the randomizer specifically, the fact that his actions count for Mimic is. Had a goofy moment where I misjudged what would happen and Shadow copied Kefka whacking Sabin rather than what I was trying to do. (selecting Mimic when no other characters have acted yet defaults to a Attack command.)

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 23rd August 2019 20:40
These are some pretty neat finds. Interesting what they also reveal about the design of the game.

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