CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017

Posted: 12th September 2018 14:24

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Second place in the CoN World Cup soccer competition, 2018. First place in CoNCAA, 2018. Celebrated the CoN 20th Anniversary at the forums. Vital involvement in the Final Fantasy IX section of CoN. 
First place in the CoN Euro Cup soccer competition, 2016. Voted for all the fanart in the CoNvent Calendar 2015. Voted for all the fanart in the CoNvent Calendar 2014. Third place in the CoN World Cup fantasy game for 2014. 
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I got an email about this last night and was intrigued - this is a game published by Squenix that came from their Collective initiative. It looks like it's kind of a hybrid between Minecraft and No Man's Sky, but with portals replacing the interspace travel aspect. At $40, I think it's more than I'd want to pay but I thought I'd post a topic about it here because it does look kind of nice and early impressions on Steam seem positive, microtransactions notwithstanding.

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