CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017

Posted: 10th April 2018 05:45

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Writers, that is, people who want to write something worth reading, are the biggest risk takers in the world, throughout history. Writing is a risk.

You are introducing ideas into the world. The world does not usually react well when ideas are presented to it. The world likes to speak on people and events. They even prefer discussing religion and politics (things that have to do with people and events about those things, anyway) to discussing ideas.

The world hates new ideas, because their brains are taxed by the insane amount of work it takes to survive in the world. Having to reassess their ideas is something I think most people try to get away with not doing. I think the saying goes along the lines of 'people are more likely to believe the first story they hear.'

Writers do not get that luxury, and are constantly obsessing over adding to their understanding of the world in any way they can. Nothing is irrelevant to a writer. Everything is useful in some way, in that it can be used as the element of a story, or of a treatise, or for a research paper idea, or speech, or advertisement, etc etc etc. Some would refer to it as 'tunnel vision' or 'not being able to see the forest for the trees,' but writers simply call it 'workaholism.'

But we are constantly trying to break through the barrier of the ideas the world has about itself and about other things besides itself. The world is frightened and stressed by our frankness and shocked at our candor and total willingness to say everything on our mind, which we basically are using 24 hours a day, giving us really weird dreams too.

Writers aren't typically friendly folk, and they know how to talk and why someone is wrong, typically. Being dressed down by someone whom has the vocabulary and precision to completely examine every idea that you are presenting them and come back with something that will circumvent the attack is mind-breakingly appalling to go through. Being screamed at by an employer for not going fast enough is far preferable, to most people, I'd think.

It's a lonely, miserable, joke of a life lived mostly on paper and almost never in reality. But sometimes I wonder if it isn't nature's way of telling you, when people all want you to go away, that it's time to start typing or putting a pen to paper.

The pen, after all, is mightier than the sword, they say. He who can create new ideas can create solutions to problems, or cause further problems than were ever present before. But any sword is totally ineffective if it is sheathed, except for bonking people with, I guess, when you walk by, if you don't watch where it's sticking. An uncapped pen is mightier than an unsheathed sword, but put away, both are useless.

Thankfully, disuse gives little chance for wear and tear. I feel I have read enough on the internet, and read enough books. I am tired of words going in. It's time for some to come out.

Stephen King says "Do not approach the blank page lightly." So I made sure I was full of words first.



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So... If you're quitting so that you can write, that's great. Good luck. smile.gif

One piece of advice: try not to take life, or yourself, too seriously. It's a weird place out there.

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