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Have you been the best in your circle of gaming?

Posted: 9th November 2023 05:08

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This is a way of asking who you are to some extent. I do not demand your real name yet want to gage recognition for accomplishments.

Since this is a board about Final Fantasy, I can begin with that first.

If anyone had trouble with a game even FF I was the person to go to about it. The battle system they did not need as much help with. The dungeons is what they mostly asked me about on how to proceed. I have keen perception able to follow the path the programmers laid out.

It was not easy in the past. The early FFs did not have arrows above the doors like FFVII. Many of the more complex games like Chess and Magic they needed help with before the internet. I could sniff out an unfair card sooner. I could also calculate well at Chess. I even recommended taking rock in Catan a lot to win. It worked for them.

There is more, though I was the one. It feels like digital games in the past and today you do not need as much help with. The amount of free information today is very extensive.

Feel free to tell what you feel is important. I did not want to include my entire list to save time. My youtube channel has hopefully inspired others.


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Posted: 22nd November 2023 21:58

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No, I've never been the best gamer in my circle of friends. Any circle of friends, really.

Back in the day, I had pokémon around level 50 while my meatspace friends had pokémon at level 100.

And on the web, even back then, other people were talking about Wind God Gau and I was still stuck on uncursing the Cursed Shield and wondering why Brachiosaurs didn't spawn for me.

The same applied to various other hobbies; I was never the best at any particular thing. If anything, my specialty was that I knew a lot of different things.

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