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Posted by: Magitek_slayer 5th October 2019 15:18
So last of us was a bit of a painful thing at times. it has some enjoyable moments but also i feel some of these moments could have been better.

I think that some of the choices of zombie apocalypse for instance i've seen done before, and i think walking dead has more interesting characters. Troy baker does a good job with Joel and ellie Ashley Johnson. Actually i wanted to
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save sam and henry

The gameplay i think could have been done way better as the choices have little impact. crafting health kits is kinda neat but there is very litte impact deciding to go and make for instance molotov coctails over nail bombs. If you try to play only stealth you are punished as you are forced into some areas where gunfights are inevitable and you really aren't given enough tools. The gunplay for that matter could also be done better as i feel there is very little impact in choosing one gun for that playstyle over the other nor do you have enough ammo, and i feel there is very little reason so far to replay it.

Story: Since i do think its decent il give it a 7 out of 10 as it is pretty good. I cared about henry i cared most about ellie and Joel.

Gameplay:Since i think its pretty flawed and doesn't offer much interactivity, il give it a 5 out of 10, which is about average.

Posted by: Stiltzkin 11th October 2019 07:58
I think not having enough ammo is entirely the point...

Posted by: Magitek_slayer 3rd November 2019 15:26
Quote (Stiltzkin @ 11th October 2019 07:58)
I think not having enough ammo is entirely the point...

Thing is the game wasn't really scary I will admit I am influenced somewhat by a reviewer I saw and even though I beat the game before I saw the review I think ultimately it might have some influence and at the same time, I agree on some stuff like:

Most of the game spent time killing humans. There was less time spent avoiding the zombie plant monsters from that fungi, there were very few types of actual zombies.

I also want to add: Sorry for bumping this topic with late entry, I remembered some stuff just today while I was doing some chores and thinking of what stiltzkin said.

I think the best parts for instance some like the university part where you got the creepy basement and enemy sound all around and I think the part where you are with a group
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A little girl a little boy you and a woman and you get stuck with the boy and the lady get stuck with the girl

That area is creepy in the sewers and kinda the most interesting part. I think they could have done a better job with the handling of areas better as we faced mostly humans.

The characters I think worked.

Do you know bill? even though I thought he was harsh, I somehow can come to agreeing with him on some level somehow. While I was doing chores, I kept thinking how in a post-apocalyptic world, I bet most people would be apprehensive to strangers coming in, because of the raiders and looters, so those who survive the most will likely have their hands on the trigger of their guns and their eyes on the outsider nearby. I kinda got from it that they knew each other but they weren't close.

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Even the brother you could get the body language from his reaction to seeing Joel again, and how much a changed man he was from when he first escaped with his brother and Joel and his daughter trying to escape at the beginning

Posted by: His Shadow 15th July 2020 20:38
This game was the perfect game its so sad they had to ruin the sequel by pushing Social Justice and did a Bioware. The ending is just painful

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