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Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 11th June 2018 08:18
(Note: I am not affiliated with this hack project; I merely found out about it an hour ago.)

It seems someone made a randomizer for FFIV. Probably inspired by the rise of randomizer hacks for such games as Zelda ALTTP and Super Metroid.

I'm not really sure how a randomizer makes sense for a JRPG, though my guess is that what they've done is shuffle around key items, bosses, and such, and basically made it a puzzle to figure out where one can proceed with what, because the world is now pretty much entirely accessible due to the airship being accessible from the beginning of the game (hence the title "Free Enterprise").

Aside from that I don't know anything about it. This is the first time I've even seen a JRPG randomizer.

Posted by: Rangers51 11th June 2018 11:51
Gabe showed me this in chat a couple months ago with a suggestion that CoN stream it on Twitch. I might well take up that idea in the future, because I really like the idea.

Posted by: Darkhero 18th June 2018 14:15
Seems interesting. I'll try it out at some point, even though I'm not the biggest fan of randomizers.

Posted by: Magitek_slayer 5th October 2018 13:14
I played it, its fun.

There is also lunar shuffle

maybe if they buffed renegade, scrapper (not holo) and Elementalists while toning down a few skills across all class then yea Id say its pretty good...

gold player here and lots of interesting builds lately

Posted by: DragonKnight Zero 20th November 2018 03:24
Link doesn't work. Try

One interesting things about this is a chance to able to play with rare drops you're unlikely to see in the regular game. I've never seen the Lilith Rod or Dragoon spear normally so it was quite satisfying to put them to use.

Posted by: MogMaster 25th October 2020 14:58
Randomly saw this topic after randomly checking these forums for the first time in forever. I love this randomizer, and the community is great. Since 2018, it has progressed to version 4.1, and the added features are amazing. Hard recommend to all FFIV fans.

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