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FF7 remake thoughts

Posted: 21st November 2020 09:35

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So i got this game recently and want to talk about it.

It's obviously going to be into multiple games.

I heard rumors that SE doesn't want to kill off aerith, which is a grave mistake that would lead to a difference in story

I think cloud strife is more likeable here, i think they did a good jobat making jessie and biggs developed, because the previous one didn't, and in my opinion ff6 had more on its characters than ff7 because ff7 focused too much on cloud and sephy, but that is the og.

I don't quite know what to think of the phantom things, i am worried about straying too far from the classic.


Well its real time which seems to work pretty well actually. Being able to use limit breaks more often gives diff feel cloud as a heavy punisher in damage and barret for instance as the guy used to shoot turrets which are out of range of melee attacks.

There is sort of a crystarium but for weapons upgrade system that gives bonuses, which i guess is also kinda nice, since it gives more options to mess with and decide.

graphics: midgar looks like it did in the game but with much much higher quality graphics, with more routes to go and mini quests everywhere to get to know the people as distractions.

So far thought: Some stuff i like some i'm unsure of. I do think the char development is better than the original, but thats a given since ff7 og is over 20 years old and given their focus, they had limited room to develop fokls.

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