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Posted by: BumRush 4th March 2007 16:22
OK guys, just before he dies, Magimaster kills me with his Ultima spell, I use SNES, so I can't go back from my last 'save' point, coz my last 'save' point is the battle itself. How do I kill HIM without having him kill ME?

HELP ME PLEASE BECAUSE I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: L. Cully 4th March 2007 16:33
Okay, I assume you don't have Life 3.

First, cast Berserk on him so he can't hurt you. And then? Rasp him to death. Cast Rasp over and over and over again, and when he runs out of MP, he will die. He'll still try to cast Ultima, but as he'll have no MP, he will fail.

Alternatively, you can try to time summoning Palidor at just the right instant that Ultima won't kill all your peeps. Dragoon boots will do the same thing.

Posted by: hostyl 4th March 2007 16:41
wow L.Cully never would have thought of that...who needs life 3 =)

Posted by: Krisp 4th March 2007 16:59
I'd just go with casting Life 3 on one of your characters. Rasping away ALL of his MP would take ages...although I never thought of using Palidor or Dragon Boots, but I'd assume those take a while to time just right.

Posted by: Master ZED 4th March 2007 19:12
Quote (L. Cully @ 4th March 2007 10:33)
First, cast Berserk on him so he can't hurt you.

If you're wearing Wall Rings, this is unnecessary as his only Reflect-penetrating spell is Ultima. If you do go the Rasp route though, he will use WallChange which will keep him from dying on his own spells. Otherwise killing him is as simple as using Life 3 or Palidor. That's it. He won't counter with WallChange unless you attack him first.

And Krisp, Scan works just fine for timing Palidor. WallChange is his counter for everything only after numerical damage (HP or MP) has been done specifically by a party member first, so using it every now and then isn't a problem.

Posted by: Zeromus_X 4th March 2007 20:49
Another similar strategy with Berserking him involves using Phantom, so he'll never be able to hit you. Then you can just use Palidor to avoid Ultima when he's about to die.

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