CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017
What Is Considered Celebrating in This Context?

Posted: 1st October 2017 22:10

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So I noticed I have a spiffy new badge for because I "celebrated the CoN 20th anniversery at the forums", but what I did to deserve it is actually rather vague to me. I did not actually post anything on the day the post went up: I did not even a respond to the 20th anniversary the thread, which I remember reading as soon as it went up, but I made no post.

I posted on the 28th of July, but that seems like it would have been a few days too early. My next post was on the 11th of august, but that seems as if it would have been weeks late. Is this a bug, or is there some other set of criteria such as merely being logged in in that the tag uses? I remember reading the post when it was relatively new, so it is possible that I was logged in at that time, even if I didn't actually do anything. Is that possibly why I have it?

Also, most importantly, do I really deserve the badge, or was is possessing it merely a mistake in the design of the system?

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Posted: 2nd October 2017 01:13

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Due to the general slowness of the forums these days, anyone who posted in August got one this time. Shame on you all for making that my decision. wink.gif

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