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Posted by: Spooniest 14th August 2017 00:12
From the guide by Djibriel. Eat your heart out, GameFAQs. The subject is the rare steals in the escape from Karnak Castle.

Now, the rare Steal really rears its ugly head. The chances of actually stealing the rare item? 10/256. That's right. To illustrate how minor that chance is, here's a scenario to visualize the entire deal. Imagine a soccer field, right? A soccer field with 256 guys standing on it, enjoying their day off from their hellhole job at Taco Bell or something. Now, suppose you were to enter this soccer field and systematically, without remorse, start kicking these guys in the nuts. Here and there, you leave 10 lucky individuals alone. Now, after your job is done, you're panting from all the hard work near the side-lines and you look on the field. What do you see? You see 246 men groaning in pain, on their knees, on their face in the grass, asking their absent God what they did to deserve this. Here and there, you can see one or two men looking around and wondering what the hell just happened. That acne-infested teenager you left alone because he isn't going to use his privates in the near future anyway, standing knee-deep in an average amount of 24 full-grown, crying men? THAT's your rare steal right there. Good luck with that.

What really makes me laugh is that DJ had to sit there imagining this scenario, and he put some rather pointed detail into it. I got a good laugh out of it.

Also, take that boring arse BradyGames guide.

Any tidbits from a strategy guide you got a lol out of? Share here? Idk

Posted by: Lurker 25th November 2017 09:38
I don't have an exact example or anything, but I'm 100% on board with throwing praise at Djibriel for writing deeply (perhaps even overly) informative guides that are always entertaining to read. I've even read ones I have no intention of referencing when playing because they're just that worth it.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 25th November 2017 10:25
The Super Game Boy player's guide gave a number of suggestions on how to use the SGB. It specifically covered a number of games, and also suggested color palettes for them -- even ones that might hide the protagonist.

One of the SGB's features is that the screen can be drawn on. You can draw in the border and you can even draw in the gameplay screen itself if you want.

In one "suggestion", a large star was drawn over the center of the gameplay screen, while playing Super Mario Land. This was captioned:

This star doesn't make Mario invincible.  Quite the opposite, actually.

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