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Bloodborne review

Posted: 5th November 2020 12:11

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Now that i beat it il spend a few talking about it.

Game design of monsters and world and design of people:Fantastic. In my opinion its way better than DS2. The enemies are far more interesting and varied than in DS2, plus i felt like the areas were all huge with plenty to explore. The game actually instilled fear in me first time i saw the guy with the giant cleaver and the big frankenstein monster with the piece of wood.

Gameplay:The weapons are definitely very varied too and its quite good.

Each weapon has 2 modes:the heavy 2h mode and the 1h mode, with heavy attacks. There is multiple gun types, even a cannon which eats up too much ammo.

You also got multiple endings too to enjoy.

Like dark souls, you have multiple magics to pick from new game with dex like builds and strength like builds too.

Story: I felt like the story had similar kind of vagueness as DS1 where you don't have a full picture, but by the end i kinda have a vague picture, but it prob requires multiple playthroughs. I felt like i kinda stumbled upon things while trying to blindly grab onto something in the dark to figure out where i was going and what i was doing.

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A example is the brain thing called mother brain, where i killed it and was confused why it wasn't doing that thing it does until i got told by a streamer that i was watching that you kill the brain it stops the attacks.

In ds1 i think they kinda help you direct into a certain area, but maybe it was my fault i dunno.

Difficulty: in opinion i think its less cheap than DS2 and 3 in terms of deaths. It has its cheapness in deaths like
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BRainsuckers who can spamstun from afar with homing balls and jump at you from aclose, draining you of all your insight

The hunters may be hard, but i feel like once i knew i can interrupt, i prob wasn't using the right strats to kill some enemies.

Zone varieties: We got caves cathedrals outside areas varied forest undercities, swamps from hell, giant winter wonderlands etc.

Music: I think its good for atmosphere, so it must have worked, while also being calm with that violin that plays in dreamworld.

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Posted: 10th November 2020 09:25

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It is a brilliant game, definitely one of my favourites on the PS4. I will have to revisit it one day. Maybe they will do a remake for it one day like they have done for Demon's Souls on the PS5. No doubt that would be very popular news.

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