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Borderlands 2 Review

Posted: 31st August 2020 08:03

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So to lets see where to begin with this one:

Claptrap is a little annoying and i heard he didn't used to be.

I f ound jack interesting as a character along with salvador whom i played as.

Most of the story obviously is sideline to gameplay and not really meant to be taken seriously as all, since it is literally full of comic relief and zany.

Plot: with spoilers in

Possible spoilers: highlight to view
Jack is back, but he's evil and wants to get the vault key t o release the thing inside the vault, but its something very dangerous inside that vault(a monster even) and he's using some slag chemicals or something to mutate folks


Getting good guns is tough to do alone sometimes, and that can lead to major frustration, especially if like me, you go into a new area and get your shield 1 shotted and then from there get downed instantly. The collection of good shields in fact can be pretty frustrating.

Some even if you are in group, you will be lucky to find a item you need.


This one is a biggie, and cannot overstate it. So i heard with the introduction of op 10 it raised the difficulty and hp of mobs and i heard it effects normal runs too.

Enemies who are for instance level 35 and you are level 35 can 2 shot your shield easy Why o why? even if you got a good shield, in no time your shield gets destroyed in seconds and this leads to pretty frustrating and rage inducing. Only way i found to counter this, is to get epic and legendary stuff, and blow stuff up. The dastardly maggie for instance destroyed enemies lvl 25+ easy peasy.

I heard its supposed to encourage people to group more.

Now to the landscapes:

The locations are varied and more interesting than destiny 2, the quests are silly and add fun factor. Perhaps its that destiny 2 takes itself too seriously and i'm just enjoying the fact that borderlands 2 doesnt' take itself seriously at all.

Anyways plenty of interesting quests such as the winter wonderland place with christmas presents and killing snowmen quest, which is a heck of a lot of fun.

The lynchwood quests, and blowing up a train.

I don't really remember the music.

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Posted: 2nd September 2020 17:26
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The difficulty of this game is depends on what class you choose. I have played Salvador at first and it was too hard for solo gaming. Then I switched to Maya and haven't have any problems.

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