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Thoughts on modern warfare 2 Campaign mode

Posted: 31st August 2020 07:40

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There was a lot of deaths by cheap bullets everywhere which was a little frustrating, but its meant to be somewhat hard.

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The invasion of the whitehouse was cheesy and made me want to get some popcorn at how hilarioust he thought of us white house being invaded by russian soldiers

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In the end we kill shepard instead of mr makarov

Some of the way characters are introduced is pretty neat like starting with joseph allen guy(troy baker)

The brazillian forest guy, or that one guy who's in the desert Who starts off as a army rangers and gets asked to work for the CIA.

Gameplay It does have a tight feel with guns and i do think there was a L2P element when it comes to not getting killed, such as using a scope to scope out guys on the whitehouse who are snipers to not get killed repeatedly.

My favorite part is using a stinger missle to take d own a helicopter, because of course i do.

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