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elder scrolls 3 morrowind thoughts

Posted: 30th September 2019 17:34

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So far:

So i bought this game 4 days ago and this is what i think:

The draining of stamina and the whole Exhaustion thing where it effects the shop and everything is interesting, but a bit punishing i think. I don't like it. I think if im walking my stamina shouldn't drain so fast.

Enemies seem to spawn everywhere which makes resting to recover mana impossible, so you will end up using your weapon.

Weapons seem to break really easily making you have to run back often to town to fix. Luckily since i get attacked by the dark brotherhood from time to time and load up on trash i make more than enough to cover the cost.

The whole travel system is very confusing and could use cross travel between areas such as from tel branora to gnisis which is at the other coast by boat, even if its a bit more expensive.

The good:

I really like the design and feel of the world, it feels like it has more heart than skyrim, especially balmora.

The guilds are also very interesting as there is a deep inter connection between the factions and the guild you join such as house balmora house telvanni and there is multiple types of assasins guiild it seems such as the the morag tong and the dark brotherhood. There seems to be also possibly multiple thieves guild distributed between faction areas.

The telvanni wizards are kinda cool and makes sense to float up to a next level to prove you are a master wizard and not some newbie who can't even cast something like levitate.

The transportations are very interesting such as having boats teleportation from mages guild to mages guild and those silt riders.the artwork is kinda cool too on the loading screen with the creatures.

The pets are also interesting. You got a pretty interesting golem zombie monster that casts drain strength spell which is brutal since any melee attacker will get wrecked and overburdened quickly.

Also you got throwing weapons also included which is neat.

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I just played through Morrowind for the first time about 8-10 months ago. Became my favorite elder scrolls game - although it has been a very long time since I played Oblivion. Morrowind was great, and yes - do every side quest you come across!
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