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Posted by: JTrigger 14th June 2017 12:36
I just wanted to know everyones thoughts on this. Some may say that an unarmed monk is the strongest hitter, or that the Black Mage does the most damage, or that they wouldnt be anywhere without a geared fighter to lead the charge.

Personally, I think that the Red Mage is my favorite. He may not be the best at anything, but his versatility is what puts him at number 1 for me.

Posted by: TheEvilEye 14th June 2017 16:31
I'd have to go with the Fighter. He is consistently good through the entire game. I've found the Black Belt/Monk is fairly weak in the beginning and takes time to build up, but yes he's very good when he is leveled a bit.

The Fighter is even more effective in the original game because:
-Black Mage's Int stat does nothing which is a handicap of sorts, and though his damage is strong, the spell charges system is terrible for long dungeon crawls.
-The Thief is a bit broken and never lives up to the rest of the melee fighters.
-He gets the Silver Sword at Elfland which is a weapon that really powers him up big time.
-He just doesn't take much damage if you keep him well equipped throughout, and his damage is consistent in every battle.
-The game doesn't really suffer all that much from an overabundance of creatures in every battle, and in the later stages of the game he can also use items like the Zeus gauntlet to cast LIT2 on all enemies. Plus, all boss fights are one creature, and the Fighter excels at one-creature fights.

I look at it this way: How easy would the game be if the party were 4 Fighters? 4 Thiefs? 4 White Mages? etc. and although it would be the most expensive gold-wise to have 4 Fighters, they pay dividends above and beyond the rest.

Posted by: Kame 15th June 2017 01:37
I voted fighter. At the start of the game especially he really doles out the damage. I usually have two fighters in my party. Habit going back to my NES days I name them Redd and Bro.

Posted by: JTrigger 16th June 2017 12:15
Well my vote counts as 5 since I created the poll, so technically Red Mage is still in the lead with 5 votes...

Posted by: Spooniest 18th June 2017 15:52
I went with Fighter as well. The guy just takes punches left and right and keeps coming back more pissed off than before.

Theives, Monks and Red Mages have less defense, AND crappier armor choices, throughout the first half of the game. They also do not get to use any and all armor the way the Fighter does. Heck, Monks can't really even wear armor.

White and Black Mages have useful spells but I've had to drag them back to the Clinic too many times for them to even compare. You don't typically need to walk back to town to revive a Fighter unless you've seriously overstepped your ability as a team by wandering too far afield early in a new area.

Fighters can deal damage with excellent accuracy, as well. You won't often see a Fighter miss his mark past about Elfland, whether you still have the Short Sword or have upgraded to the Silver Sword (which makes him an absolute killer).

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