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Enemies with the boss marker/flag?

Posted: 9th April 2011 03:03

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In this post:
...R51 mentions that some enemies are marked, in at least one version of this game, with an internal boss marker.

What are these enemies, and why are they marked? Even when some of them are not bosses?

Are there any bosses that are not marked this way?

And what does this mark mean in terms of the game's programming? Does it trigger boss music, or something?

...actually, that's a question I can think up a test for: What marks the Mask enemies in the very definitely final dungeon to get boss music?

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Posted: 2nd May 2011 23:56

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This is just kind of a guess, but I think it may be just a check for whether or not you can flee. I remember there being several random encounter enemies that you cannot run from. That could explain why some non-bosses are there.
Or it may be a check for things more relevant to the player, like which battle music to play or ability to access certain parts of the story (e.g. Once you have 22 flags checked, the game shows you the cutscene that gives you the Enterprise).

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Posted: 3rd May 2011 14:09

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This is the first time I've looked at this thread where I was actually on a computer built in a way that was conducive to checking a couple things and responding.

I can't tell you all the enemies that are marked off the top of my head, though I would say that any that are marked and have not been un-verified through forum threads are still marked as bosses in the SNES/PSX versions of FF4 on the site. That should give you a pretty good list.

I also can't tell you what it means in terms of the game's programming, as I'm not looking at source here, nor would I know what to do if I were. I'm a user interface programmer, not one of those weirdos that chops up assembly code for fun. wink.gif

However, I will say that both GMH's assumption about boss music and DarkPaladin's assumption about the inability to flee are reasonable guesses, the former probably more than the latter (because I believe that, at least in the case of EvilMask, you can still flee with Edge's spell, even though you can't run - my memory's a bit shaky there, though, as I haven't played FF4 fully since the GBA version).

If anyone really wants to poke at this themselves, I can certainly point you to the editor I've used (though, for obvious reasons, not the ROM).

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