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A New World live stream

Posted: 15th October 2020 21:18

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Here's your chance to experience a Final Fantasy concert, if you've never gone before: As New World, the chamber ensemble , is doing a live stream from Grand Rapids Michigan on November 20th.

Pre-order tickets are only $20! I am unsure if the price is going to go up or not. We already bought our tickets. And it looks like it's just one per household as I saw no way to buy multiples.

I'm hoping they play Heroes from FFXIV: Heavensward, as I really love that arrangement. wub.gif

One of the things I love about A New World is that they feature songs and games you might not otherwise hear. This has me wondering if they will ever play any entries from the mobile games. I know FFBE has some fantastic music in it that I'd love to hear live.
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Posted: 16th October 2020 12:19

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Oh, this is very cool and I've completely missed that information. Thanks for sharing, I might well partake since I've never been able to see ANW.

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