CoN 25th Anniversary: 1997-2022
"Restoring the Balance" by ascenthe

Posted: 20th April 2022 15:10

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I haven't updated in forever and I guess .. I felt down cause my art wasnt up to snuff. After some soul searching and a good amount of practice.. this what I'd like to contribute feel free to follow me on @influxthecomic on Instagram.. I've done alot since my last post. I still remember where I got my start

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Posted: 23rd April 2022 01:20

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I freaking love this. The hollows in Terra's cheeks call to mind the starvation Terra must have faced in Mobliz- desperate to carve anything she could from the earth to feed the children and slowly starving herself to fill their plates. It was no wonder she lost the warrior within her while desperate to survive. I deeply appreciate this piece. It's gorgeous.

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Posted: 2nd September 2022 00:39

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Is this supposed to be a scene in the game? I don't remember. But the macabre turn was unexpected. In a good way!

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