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Super Mario Odyssey

Posted: 17th February 2019 22:09

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What an absolute delight this game is. As I have made well known, I am a huge fan of the plaforming genre, and I am a huge Mario fan, although, the last several Mario games have been terribly disappointing, IMO... New Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario 3D Land... I didn't care for either of the Galaxy games and 3D World was more of a multi-player experience...

But I will flat out say this is the best Mario game since Mario 64. And it's not just that it's similar. It's minimalist, much like Mario 64 was. We have our triple jump, back-flip, long-jump back and a new barrel-roll, and Cappie is a great addition to Mario's move-set. Controls are tight, the game is fun, not too easy or hard, courses are big and vibrant and the music is excellent.

It's not as gimmicky as the last main game releases. I loathed the motion controls in the Galaxy games (I wasn't a fan of the Wii in general).

The learning curve is excellent in this game, too.

I just bought a Switch a few weeks ago, so I'm just now getting to play it. Has anyone else bought a Switch and played this game? It's wonderful.

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Posted: 8th April 2019 18:09
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An excellent Mario in 3D that brings a lot of novelty in the gameplay, and is easily placed among the best episodes in 3D adventures of the mustachioed plumber. By cons, I find the game relatively easy compared to its predecessors. That said, this game is a must-have!
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