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Posted by: Elena99 13th September 2018 21:44
Does anyone know where someone could get Final Fantasy themed eReader and phone cases that ships to North America? I've tried searching but haven't come up with much.

Posted by: Rangers51 14th September 2018 00:17
I might be able to find you some CoN-branded ones! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Narratorway 14th September 2018 03:21
Man, you just never miss an opportunity, do ya? biggrin.gif

Posted by: Rangers51 14th September 2018 12:12
Ha ha, in this case it was just good timing. I happened to be looking at such things just out of curiosity. In reality, I'm not aware of any Squenix cases for devices that wouldn't be bootleg, but I also haven't looked that hard either.

Posted by: Elena99 14th September 2018 20:30
Quote (Rangers51 @ 13th September 2018 21:17)
I might be able to find you some CoN-branded ones! biggrin.gif

If you can, that would be awesome! Yeah it doesn't look like there is anything legit out there.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 19th September 2018 03:51
I might be getting a new phone soon and if I do I'll be hitting up Amazon for a phone case. Or I could get a CoN-branded one tongue.gif

Posted by: Rangers51 27th October 2018 16:59
I've finally had some time to look at this a little closer, and it appears that I would be able to do some CoN-branded ones for recent iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices only (I guess that's where most of the market is, of course).

If anyone is really interested, they'd be $20 for a CoN logo or the "harmony" design, unless I did a limited-edition 20th anniversary one, in which case they'd be $25. Let me know what model phone you'd want and I can put it together.

Posted by: Elena99 28th October 2018 10:12
That is a great news, but I don't know if my Samsung counts as recent. It's from 2016, a Galaxy J1. Is that possible?

Posted by: Rangers51 29th October 2018 22:37
I donít know that model, but it appears not. Sorry! sad.gif

Posted by: Elena99 30th October 2018 20:56
Okay, thanks for checking! Maybe when I get a new phone...

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