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An article regarding Yoshinori Kitase's opinions

Posted: 4th March 2018 10:10

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This article is basically addressing comments made by Yoshinori Kitase, director/producer of a number of major Squenix games, with regards to Final Fantasy VI, a game he directed. The article is primarily about FFVI, but also mentions FFV, and the comments contained herein could also apply to Chrono Trigger's recent PC port, which has received similar graphical design criticisms. (Kitase worked on all three games, but he wasn't director for FFV.)

The TL;DR of the article is that:
* Kitase doesn't seem to understand the criticisms these versions of the games have received, instead seeing the fondly-regarded originals as inferior versions.
* in looking forward to 3D and other artistic tools as better ways to communicate a vision, he's neglected the artistic "language" of 2D graphics that ironically he himself helped to create.
* Squenix was surprised that Bravely Default outsold FFXIII:LR because they misunderstood how their fans appreciated their games.

What are your opinions on this critique? To what extent do you agree with it? Is it leaving out anything that might be relevant to a counterargument?

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Posted: 5th March 2018 04:01

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You know, if he did say "The fans are crazy, this port looks great" he'd offend the fans, and if he said "Yeah the port is crap, SE need to get their heads out of the sand" then he'd offend his employer.

His response is designed not to offend either side too badly.

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