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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

2.10: Conde Petie

Treasures: δPhoenix Pinion, δDiamond, 2700 Gil, 1800 Gil

To get through this brief section, head to the upper part of the village where Vivi is talking to some dwarves. Once he leaves, watch the 'Hungry Bryan' ATE about pyntie-hats. Enter the shop, view what's up, and the gatekeeper will say the pyntie-hats come from the "sootheast forest". That's all to progress the storyline… but don't go yet!

Right by where you enter, check behind the gatekeeper dwarf for 2700 gil in the dark corner. Enter the inn area and search a bed for 1800 gil, then find the δPhoenix Pinion in the shop's corner by the bottom of the stairs. Talk to Mogmatt in that item shop and pick up a letter for Suzuna. Wendy Grocer's shop is the same as the other ones you've encountered, but the equipment shop's got what you want. Remember to get Vivi that δOak Staff if you didn't get one on the first disc/lately. Additionally, a δDiamond can be picked up from the Kirkboat in the upper-center of town. It can be gotten later, too.

You can't go further past the village because of some strange custom, so exit town once again.

Optional: Friendly Creatures Sidequest

Continuing the saga, a friendly 'Ladybird' enemy appears around here, in Magdalene Forest, and wants a couple of δOre. It will give 20 AP and an δEther! More

Head to the eastern beach, near the Qu's Marsh, and get southbound. Enter a thick forest 'dome' in the very back part and enter it. Zidane reminds the party about the pyntie-hats living "so deep in the forest that owls don't even live there." You'll see, the owls on the tree branches will leave one by one as you take the right path, and by checking the sign, you can figure out the path that leads to where "there are no owls".

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
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