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Recovers MP.
Found: Tule, Tycoon Castle, Library of the Ancients, Gohn, Moogle Village, Forest of Moore, Exdeath's Castle, Island Shrine, Fork Tower, Great Sea Trench, Istory Falls, Interdimensional Rift
Buy From: Various Stores
Win from: Various Enemies
Steal From: Various Enemies
Spell Power
Mix Formulas
Results From: Ether + Ether
Ether + Holy Water
Potion + Turtle Shell
Used With: Elixir = Elixir
Ether = Ether
Holy Water = Ether
Turtle Shell = X-Potion
Potion = X-Potion
Hi-Potion = Half Elixir
Phoenix Down = Reincarnation
Maiden's Kiss = Lilith's Kiss
Antidote = Resist Poison
Eye Drops = Resist Fire
Dragon Fang = Dragon Shield
Dark Matter = Dark Ether
Combine Formulas
Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
Version 6
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