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"Setzer: The Gambler" by Cookierosegirl

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I haven't drawn much FFVI fanart lately so I drew this. It took around 10 minutes to draw. ^^
It's just Setzer from FFVI. I liked Setzer and his slot ability in the game. It was fun to use (if a little random and broken at times). Setzer himself was an interesting character and In my opinion, one of the most interesting FF characters in the series (well, except Shadow of course ^^ )

Oh and No, I didn't like how Setzer was portrayed in Kingdom Hearts 2. They got his personality completely wrong.... Setzer acted more like Edgar than himself in KH2. :/ Oh, and I also hated the voice he
was given (it's KH I know, but still) His voice was WAY too childish. Hopefully he won't have the same one if Square Enix ever decides to remake FF VI fully (that in itself is unlikely) .... -mild rant over- ^^;

Comments and suggestions/criticism is appreciated.

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FF6: Setzer
Setzer: The Gambler by Cookierosegirl
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KerComment 1: 2015-04-30 16:00
Ker heart.gif it's fabulous. Love the hair tongue.gif
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